Accelerated Reader

Rosedell's AR Progress

Click below to download a list of the Accelerated Reader quizzes available at Rosedell.  The reading level and point total for each book is also listed.

We have a wonderful reading program here at Rosedell called Accelerated Reader (AR). This program is available to all grade levels through our school computers. After a student reads an AR book they can take a quiz and immediately receive feedback on how well they comprehended what they read.  Rosedell, in hopes of encouraging even more participation, has set a goal for our site which is to read one billion words.  Students will have individual goals based on their grade level.  Students who meet their individual goal will be recognized with a certificate at the end of the year. The words that a student reads by the end of each year, will then roll over with them to following year.  For example if a 2nd grade student reads 3,000 words by the end of this year, when they start 3rd grade they will already have 3,000 words to use to their new 3rd grade goal.  Listed below are the goals for each grade level.  Please continue to encourage your child to read every night so that Rosedell can reach their goal!

K- any amount
1st- 1,000
2nd- 12,000
4th- 165,000
5th- 320,000
6th- 700,000

Organized by Reading Level

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